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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR: Some Tips and Guidelines of Typography to follow

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In website designing, typography plays an important role in the design world or even our daily life. It can determine the success and failure of a project. The best thing about Adobe Illustrator is,the graphics can be incorporated in any other programs for extra effects. Below are some of the typography features to guide the readers while creating their design.

The first features are Metric Vs Optical Kerning. Adobe Illustrator provides three kerning option such as two automatic and one manual kerning to solve the user’s task easily and effectively.

The second features are Roman Hanging Punctuation. It is specially design for the user’s to handle the problem of elegant look to a block of text to the design typography. With this features, it makes the design looks clean.

The third features are Styles Panels. It helps to keep applying the same font style to the text while designers working on a large text block. It is easy and simple.

The fourth features are Placing Type on a Path. Among the features, these technique enable designers apply text to a path, either open or closed. It makes the view of the typography totally differently compare to the previous.

The last features are Scaling Area Type Numerically. With the feature of enable to scaling of text area numerically, users can skip the problem of worrying about the problems of transforming a text.

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