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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Evolution of Typography

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From our previous post, as we were briefly on to the surface of the typography to given the idea to the user on what is the typography about. However, today we will post the story of the typography to let the user in deeper knowing the evolution of the typography.

The Beginning of the Typography was using the pictography, the form of the word was differences from another, and it uses the language of Viking Norwegian and India Sioux. Since the century of 1300 BC the Egyptian was developing the letters of the Hieratic, and another word people also known as the hieroglyphics. The idea of the typography was form of the Demotia, which need to use special equipment to written it. Future more, the form of the typography finally extends to the country of KRETA, and throughout to the country of Greece, and at the last it was containing in to the Europe country. But in the 8th century BC in the Rome the expansion of typography was decline because the Romans was began to conquer the world but they dun not have they own writing system. At the main point the Romans begin to learn the Etruscan writing system which the Etruscan system origin from Italy and transform it become the formed Roman letters.

The evolution of typography has been transform from the hand writing to the computation on today. By right using the computation makes use of typography become more convention in term of easy and shorten the writing process with the choice of the hundreds of the letters. By now people have been listed down the typography into 3 categories of the letters structures, and they are Serif, Sans Serif, and Fantasy. Which the 3 categories we will be discuses in detail on the following blog, if you are getting interested onto the topic of typography please keep track our blog frequently.

Hence, what is your opinion about evolution of Typography Is that interest? Either yes or no you may share your point of view on our comments box.


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