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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Analysis Poll Week 3

The Following are option and the percentage of total votes for each choice, below:
Typography Tutorial -18%(3 Votes)
Typography Tips And Rule-12%(2 Votes)
Typography Detail Information-6%(1 Votes)
All The Above 65%(11 Votes)

This week’s poll question is on “Which you prefer our blog to be focus on ?” We have received several votes from our guests. Based on the poll results, this is simplified version of the results in a pie chart form.

The pie chart show the highest result is “All The Above ” , get 65%(11 Votes) ,the second highest result is Typography Tutorial, get 18%(3 Votes), the third highest result is Typography Tips And Rule, get 12%(2 Votes) and the last result (low result) that is Typography Detail Information, get 6%(1 Votes).

Clearly from the above Pie Chart, the highest result are "All of the above" because major of the user are more interest to know overall of the Typography which contain the Typography Tutorial, Typography Tips And Rule and Typography Detail Information. Typography Tutorial is guide and tech reader’s step-by-step how to create their own typography. Therefore, Typography Tutorial make users better understanding how to design a nice typographic. Typography Tips And Rule is to given the user guideline on creating a good typography, to avoid the user fall in the common mistake that every designer make. On the another hand, Typography Detail Information is similarly to the timeline of the typography which given the idea on what is about Typography, Evolution of Typography and etc.


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