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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Font ready to download

Through the year, fonts has become more and more type which some of the fonts it need to purchase. That is some of the website which available selling some kinds of the fonts such as FontShop.com. Overview of the FontShop.com , they carry over 150,000 fonts in every style and category with the 7 different subcategory which Sans, Serif, Slab, Script, Dislay, Blackletter, Symbol, and non-western. Some of the fonts in order to use, the user may needs to purchase which will be cost around $10 to $100 plus. Based on research that I fount, the world more expensive fonts complete Trinit√© family bundle fonts it cost €3368 by using the MayBank2u Currency Converter tools to convert euro to RM it cost RM13,559.57 in Malaysia. 

In today our blog will be provide some of the free fonts that you may interested to use it, but all the credit will be go to the fonts creator, our blog it use link it become a one access point. 

***Notice: Click the image to download.

1. Pointy Font
Pointy Font

[Source: http://webdesignledger.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/drawn_fonts_2.jpg]

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2. Delicious Font
Delicious Font

[Source: http://cdn.ilovetypography.com/img/free-delicious.gif]

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3. Fontin Sans Font
Fontin Sans Font
[Source: http://cdn.ilovetypography.com/img/free-fontin-sans.gif]

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4. Agent Orange Font
Agent Orange Font
[Source: http://www.urbanfonts.com/images/cache/fontname/5d928c323cc952596ad9e924aef985e4_724_127.png]

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5. Bleeding Cowboys Font
Bleeding Cowboys Font
[Source: http://www.urbanfonts.com/images/cache/fontname/d669c873286618183db56070b22de60a_724_127.png]

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How to install?
Here is the some of the step to teach you how to install the font you have download.
step 1 : 
Download your fonts into you desktop, so that you may easy to search for it.

step 2: 
Assume you have complete download the fonts on to the desktop. At the first click the start on the task bar.

step 3: on the start menu, looking the control panel and click on it.

Step 4: 
After the control panel screen have pop out, search of the Fonts and click on it. 

Step 5:
On the Fonts screen, select File and click on Install New Fonts as showing on below.

Step 6:
After complete the step 5 you should now on the Add fonts screen which showing on below picture. Now select the right location where you put the font and the List of fonts should list out available fonts, choose it and press OK now you have complete install the font.

Want more free fonts? Please leave your comment let us know and you mind share any interest fonts you have use.


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