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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Analysis Poll Week 4

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For this week analysis poll, is about “What is your frequently use typeface on your daily life?”.  Typeface has become more and more important on our daily life style, but in each of the situation may use different kinds of the typeface example writing a report may use Arial, and doing the advertisement may use Franklin Gothic and etc. Typeface in use has mentioned before in our previous blog; reader could read back to our previous blog by clicking here

The purpose for this week poll is to collect the information from the audience, to find out the frequently use typeface on their daily life. On the above diagram has show, the frequently use typeface will be “Time News Roman” has higher percentage which is 46% is because Times News Roman can be easy to read by the reader, also compatible for all the operating system which no required extra installing needed cause of majorly people was use it. 

Secondly, Arial has second highest poll in typeface which is 36% because similar characteristic with the Times News Roman but mostly people use it as formal usage.  Thirty, which has two similar results of 9% that is Calibri and none of the above; Calibri is the default typeface for all Microsoft office, it use for the standard document. For “none of the above” because not all the user are using the same operating system, some of the operating system which the default font type is different with another operating system such as Mac OS default font will be Lucida Grande. Lastly, will be Cambria that is 0% because the Cambria characteristic mostly people use for the heading.


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