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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Six tips to make Typography more attractive and easy to read

There are six important or basic tips that user need to follow when creating their design. It helps user to create a great contrast in between the visual design and the letter fonts. Although the design is good but the typography is hard to be read by the readers, it means the design is not a successful work. Typography is a key element in the design because the typefaces are the core.

The first tips to make typography more attractive are Kerning. Kerning is the spacing between letters. It is important to make sure that the spacing of each letter should not be too near or not to be too far while creating the design. This is to avoid readers from having difficulties to read the typography. The second tips are Font Selecting. Choosing the correct fonts will help the design become more perfect and easier to communicate with the theme of the topic. Types of fonts can be known as ‘voice’ which represent speak to the design.

The third tips are Bold and Font Size. Well using bold and font size brings the right impact flows to the readers. It helps reader to determine which part should be seen first. This makes the design more clear and easy to understand by the readers. The forth tips is Line Spacing. Line Spacing in an article is very important. It eases and does not tire out the readers eye when they are reading a long article.

The fifth tips are Colour. The combination colour between background and fonts while creating the design must be contrast. It makes the reader comfortable to read and not offend the eyes. Every designer need to note that combination of black and white will produce negative effects. The last tip is to make typography more attractive by Paragraph Width. It is important because readers do not need to slightly turn their head from left to right while reading every single line or paragraph of an article. Proper paragraph width makes reader feel comfortable and relax while reading the article.

With these six tips given above, readers surely will get attracted to the designers work and like it. What is your opinion on the six tips to make typography more attractive and easy to read? Please share your views with us by posting your comments.


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