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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Importance of Typography

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Nowadays, Typography has become more important for various communications on a global level. It helps contribute to student, family, governments and businesses. Typography makes their life become more interesting and colourful. There is few various type of form that has been used these days.

The first type is Used in Learning. People can become skilled by gaining information and use the information as a means of communication. Education institutions depend on type to teach students, educate them and let them have right to be heard. Hence, indirectly people are sharing every type in the life that helps broaden their thinking skills.

The second type is Among Family and Friends. It is important to maintain a good relationship with friends and family. We can create our homemade card, letters and e-mails to show our loved ones that we care and appreciate them. This proves that the use of typography is important because a part from communicating orally it can be used to express our thoughts in a written manner.

The third type is In the Workplace. Here, typography is used as a tool of communication to run business, government, and an organization smoothly. A formal type is often used in documentation such as letterheads, invoice, e-mail correspondence, newsletters and meeting minutes. This is to ensure that company functions more systematically.

The fourth type is For Commerce. The evolution of typography has affected the local and worldwide commerce. Companies need to make a good decision on which type to be used during trade in order to success. Usage of wrong type in advertisements such as TV adds, posters and billboards can give a wrong perception to the viewers. Consequently, this will lead to the failure of the product being promoted causing a serious damage in business.

What is your opinion on the importance of typography? Do you agree with the various form of type that had listed at above? Please share your views with us by posting your comments.


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