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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Windows Fonts

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In the past, the text is the primary. It is used for exchanging, editing, communicating and recording. The evolution of text have made user interact with text more than before in the past. For examples, it is used in web, email, presentation creation and others.

We cannot separate the text from its visual representation because it might change the meaning of the text. Besides that, Microsoft has integrated a wide range of fonts that come along with the Windows. Every font has its unique personality. Sometimes, it can be used to subtly and unsubtly.

One of the extensive collections of fonts with Windows is Microsoft ships. It supported almost any language around the world. Other than that, Microsoft has developed an array of fonts in many different language and scripts. For example, Microsoft has developed ClerType Font Collection, Calibri and few more fonts for Windows Vista to improve the readers through on-screen reading experience.

There are over 40 new fonts that have been created in Windows 7. It helps to extent the language and script support offered by Windows and enhances the Windows user interface for various languages.

(http://www.microsoft.com/typography/fonts/font.aspx?FMID=1798, 2011)

Segoe UI Symbol is one out of the forty new fonts in Windows 7. The ranges of the Segoe UI Symbol are controls pictures, block elements, letter like symbols and more. To know further information about others new fonts in Windows 7, please click here.

Do the 40 new fonts in Windows 7 help you in your daily life? Do you think the new fonts are useful for Windows 7? Please share your views with us by posting your comments.


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