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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Analysis Poll Week 5

All option such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Typography have the same vote while the other option “Other” has no vote.

Adobe Photoshop can be used for creating digital images of a photographical nature or to enhance their images from a webpage, Microsoft Power Point presentation, or a document to be printed. It is a bitmap image processing and manipulation program. It is the most popular program for creating and modifying images for the web. With the improvement of Adobe Photoshop, it become most complete set of tools.

Adobe Illustrator is a professional quality art program. Its application is totally different from others from creating print to web graphics. Besides that, Adobe Illustrator is a vector based postscript drawing program. Although it can import and manipulate bitmap image, but it still retain their characteristic as vector objects. It contributes particularly with typography such as logo, brochures, menus and others.

Microsoft Typography is use to create a TrueType and OpenType formatted fonts. Nowadays, all of the Windows 7 operating system is using Microsoft Typography. The developer who wants to develop new types of fonts is recommended to use it because it is suitable for everyone.
Other software tools also available are such as Fontstruct, GNU Image Manipulation Program and others. GNU Image Manipulation Program is another tool that is similar as Adobe Photoshop. It is an open source software that give an advantages for user if they do not want to waste money to purchase.

In conclusion, it is easy to learn the basic and create designs with a professional appearance by using any type of software tools, it just having the patience to get familiar with the program. Somehow, users might be familiar with the software tools they are using now and do not want to make any changes to it or recommended by their friend.


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