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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Analysis Poll Week 8

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The poll question for this week is "What is the best font for the cover letter?". Above is a pie chart that shows the overall result of the poll. The total number of votes for this week's poll is 1 vote.

Here are the options and their respective results:

Courier - 0 % ( 0 Votes)

Times New Roman - 100% ( 1 Votes)

Bell MT - 0% ( 0 Votes)

Tahoma - 0% ( 0 Votes)

Times New Roman has 1 vote while the other option such as Courier, Bell MT and Tahoma has no vote.

Times New Roman font is a Serif Typeface. It is clear and eases the readers reading. Times New Roman is suitable to be used in drafting mails and newspaper. Besides Times New Roman, Times also a one of the variation of a theme from the Times family, its various differences developed between the versions marketed by Linotype and Monotype.

Courier fonts are not a True Type font. It is suitable to be used in programming coding. Courier has its disadvantage which is, it cannot be used in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Other than that, it does not look as good as it has more whitespace between lines and its words like typewritter.

Bell MT fonts is a Serif font, it will become bolder when the readers capitalize the text. This fonts is similar to Times New Roman fonts. Basically, Bell font family can be used for books, magazines and long articles.

Tahoma is a humanist Sans Serif Typeface. It is similar to Verdana fonts. Tahoma has a narrower body and tighter letter spacing. The fonts gives the bold look without having to bold the font. The font can be counted as double pixel width.


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