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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Analysis Poll Week 7

Link us to: http://sn.im/27mxn0

Day a passing so far, is again for the time of showing the poll result. As the poll was post up on the last week is about the topic of “Do the user want our blog to provider more available free fonts to download?” with the result of the 6 total votes was vote YES, zero user going for NO and also the Other. As agree from the majority of the user was votes yes, our blog has decide to update new free fonts to download from every of the week once.

Beside that, I like to inform again our e-typography blog will going has the week contest that will be coming soon on the latest event and wish you may bring away the prize from our e-typography.

Any further information you cloud like to know, you may either can e-mail us at gino.iblog@gmail.com or post on the below comment box, we will get back to you as fast as possible that we can. 


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