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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Analysis Poll Week 9

Link us to: http://sn.im/27quyh

The poll question on this week is talking above "In future do typography design will be extent?"

From the Pie chart, the result of the votes from our guests is as follows

Yes -100%-2 Votes (Blue)
No -0%-0 Votes (Red)

Cleanly from the Pie Chart, the majority votes are "Yes".

Typography is the arrangement of text on a page, and appears in some form or another in all instances of written communication. Depending on the purpose, typography can be used for maximum readability, impact, or an artistic statement. Typography is also used in newspapers, books, and other sources of information. It can also be upgraded into an art form. This can be seen in the advertising design. Other than this, typography is also used to convey an artistic statement. With all these facts, we can say the future of typography is unlimited as it will continue to be used widely. In time to come, the art of typography will become more and more advance.


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