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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Contest Result Up to Post

Link us to: http://sn.im/27quyr

HI guy. Sorry for let you all waiting our blog contest winner List positing. All of you must having a same question as me which Who will be the winner?. From the beginning of the day of our contest unit the due date, it was total of the 6 competitor in involved. Which who was totally complete the crossword puzzle that is not one that mean no winner in our contest. At the last we have decide by given way the prize by choosing who was the most completer crossword question, which is going to the competitor name Xin Dee. In the mean time we like to congratulation to to our winner and thank for all have involved. Please kept visiting our blog it may having next contest on the future and you maybe the one of the lucky person who take away the prize.

To show that our statement is genuine, i have attach with the print screen on the server database which hosing our contest. In the picture that is the column of the table it have 2 role that is members and result, members it show the total of the person have register and the result is show the total number of the competitor has complete the crossword puzzle.


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