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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Video] Number of catchy typography Design Concepts

Link us to: http://sn.im/27quyo

Hi guy, today i going to talk about the typography design concepts. As the previous generation, typography design was not be alert by the people it because people mind think that word will not attractive and will create boring to the audience. At the time was past, technology also become more intelligent. By using of the software creator able to produce a digital media more effective and realistic. At the mean time, a lot of the people wanna to try out a new thing and given the audience have a fresh view, to doing so some of the people design their media with the idea of combining number of word to form a piece of the art. No be curious, some of the advertisements company on now day has apply the concepts of the typography to design their advertisement. Here are the video that i have create which combining number of the famous advertisement please take a look.

What do you thin about the video that i create? If you have a any subjection you may post in our comment box.


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