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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crossword Puzzle Contest

Link us to: http://sn.im/27mxqv

We as the developer of e-Typography announce that the crossword puzzle contest has begin this week as mentioned in the last post. The time you were waiting for has begin. Do you think you can complete the crossword puzzle? Hurry up and get started!!!!

All crossword puzzle questions are base on Typography and some of the clues can be obtained from our previous post. It is the time to let the readers know more about what Typography is and how Typography contributes in your daily life while participating in the contest.

Event: Typography Crossword Puzzle Contest

Contest Duration: 18th – 22th March 2011

Contest Deadline: 23th March 2011, GMT+0800, 0000

Date of Announce Winner: 23th March 2011

Prize: Mystery Gift

Winners name will be announced in our e-Typography blog post on 23th March 2011. To claim their prize, winners need to show their particular information to proof that he/she is the owner. For a complete contest terms and condition, please refer to http://e-typo.blogspot.com/2011/03/new-event-coming-soon-in-our-blog.html or http://sn.im/27e2uy.

Follow our blog for the latest information. If you have any enquires please Email us. mafia.iblog@gmail.com . All right reserved by e-Typography.


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